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Winnipeg, MB: Quarterly. 1940–

L – Lehrerheft
S – Schuelerheft

Date Month
1939 Jan–Dec (S)
1939 Apr–Jun (L)
1940 Jul–Sep (L)
1941 Oct–Dec (S)
1942 Apr–Dec (S)
1943 Apr–Dec (S)
1944 Jan–Sep (S)
1945 Jul–Dec (S)
1946 Apr–Jun (S), Jul–Sep (S), Okt–Dez (S)
1947 Jul–Dec (S)
1948 Jan–Jun (S)
1949 Jan–Mar, Oct–Dec (S)
1950 Apr–Dec (S)
1951 complete (S)
1952 complete (S)
1953 Jan–Jun, Oct–Dec (S)
1954 complete (S)
1955 complete (S)
1956 complete (S)
1957 Jan–Mar, Jul–Dec (S)
1958 Jan–Jun (S)
1959 complete (S)
1960 Apr–Jun (S)