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The Odessaer Zeitung was founded in the Russian city of Odessa in 1861. Each issue begins with international news, then national reports are followed by excerpts from the Russian press. There is local news of the city of Odessa and commercial news, reviews of books and theatre notices. Illustrated advertisements of farm machinery, household goods adorn the rear pages while obituaries, notices of business opportunities, schools, doctors or job vacancies appear in smaller boxes on the front and back pages. A literary section serialises novels: German romances and talesof rural life; translations of English and American adventure stories or thrillers and the occasional Russian novel or story by writers such as Tolstoy, Turgenev or Gorky.

Of special interest to Mennonites is the section "Koloniales" and is devoted to news, views and opinions of the German-speaking foreign colonists settled in New Russia (today Ukraine). Reports also come from the Volga region, Russian Poland and the Caucasus. As the sons and daughters of the New Russian colonists emigrated to other areas of Russia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, there are reports from Central Asia, the Urals and Siberia.

This index of Mennonite related materials is courtesy of James Urry. The original index was hand written and later typed by someone else. Efforts have been made to correct errors that entered into the listing, but a number remain in the transcript of the German, the English explanations and translations and format.

If you want copies of articles please contact the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies.  Also, if you notice errors please contact us.

Index to Mennonite content in the Odessaer Zeitung 1863-1914