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Search for New Staff
August 28, 2008
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Canadian Conference seeks Leadership Development director

Winnipeg, MB.—The Canadian Conference is seeking a new director/facilitator to work in the area of Leadership Development in conjunction with Regenerate 21-01, the conference's new process of corporate regeneration to see 21st-century churches reflect first-century dynamics.

The director/facilitator, in addition to collaborating with the vision of Regenerate 21-01, will take over duties from John Neufeld, who vacated his position as head of the conference's Leadership Development department at the end of August. Neufeld returns to pastoral ministry as lead pastor of The Meeting Place (Winnipeg, Man.) beginning early September.

The conference invites your prayers as we undertake our search for the right person to fit this role. This position is open and effective immediately. The deadline for applications is September 22.

Read more about the available position here. For more information about the Leadership Development vision with Regenerate 21-01, click here to read the Living Leadership brochure.

—a Canadian Conference news release


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