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The Agora closes its doors
September 30, 2010
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Winnipeg, Man.—The Agora, a 13 year-old MB church located in Halifax, N.S., officially closed its doors on Sunday, Sept. 26, with a worship service to commemorate its history and celebrate its impact.

“We do so with grief in our hearts for what is no longer, but also with thanksgiving for our history and hope and expectation for the future,” said several long-time supporters in the congregation. “The formal institution is ending, but the mission of the church and the relationships that have been formed and cultivated live on in its people.”

The Agora experienced significant transition in the past year. At the end of April, JB Robertson concluded his 13-year pastorate at the church. Herb and Doris Kopp, from Winnipeg, served as interim pastor couple from July 21, to its closure on Sept. 26.

The 25 or so, regular attendees are being encouraged to find fellowship in other local churches.

Both Paul Francis, Atlantic provincial extension director at the Canadian Conference of MB Churches (CCMBC), and Ewald Unruh, director of church ministries at CCMBC, provided national support for The Agora in the absence of a provincial conference in that region.

“They had a dream for people to be in community, to experience healing, to find freedom, to serve with their gifts: they had a dream for people to come to Christ,” said Unruh. “The Agora embodied that dream and fulfilled its purpose. They are grateful for the prayers and support they received from friends across the country over the years.”

—a Canadian Conference of MB Churches news release

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